Hi and welcome - I’m so grateful that you’ve landed in this space.


I’ve always felt pulled by the idea of what it means to be nurtured and whole. Through an endless pursuit in fostering a deeper and more loving connection to my body and my heart, I’ve completely immersed myself in holistic wellness and nature oriented practices.

My philosophy is rooted in Wholistic Nourishment. It is my mission to help you feel more embodied and radiant through a deeper connection to how you nourish yourself.

I’m a plant-based chef and educator as well as a yoga instructor located in the Los Angeles area. I’ve studied holistic nutrition counseling with a deep fervor for creating vibrant vegan cuisine designed for optimal nutrition. I’ve served food to thousands and seek to create the highest vibration of plant-based food so that others can understand that how we feed ourselves is a direct reflection of how we love ourselves. I teach mindful eating workshops and have been involved in countless wellness events over the years that are geared towards women, conscious business brands, environmentalism and mind-body-spirit connection.

 Having studied journalism with a focus in health and wellness at the University of Southern California, I understand the endless trends surrounding diet and health. What I’ve found is that we are all so uniquely different and there is no diet that suits every body. Rather than what we eat it’s about how we eat – coming from a place of self-love and deep nurturing over fear and restriction. It has since become my mission to help others heal while empowering them to beautify their relationships with their food, the planet and how they nourish themselves. My wholistic approach is aimed at fostering a more mindful connection as to what makes us feel whole in body, mind, and spirit. I aim to instigate positive change by making a plant-based diet easily adoptable, accessible and affordable to any who wish to experience the profound healing powers of the Earth and her plants.

 My journey led me to Bali where I studied at the Elemental Yoga School under Jail Salt. This Hatha style of yoga is based on how each element operates with us and how Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit make up the energies within our bodies. Harmoniously aligning asana with the magnetic potency of nature, my classes aim at honoring and nurturing the body while reaffirming our connection to the Elements.

 With all of this in mind, my intention is to make vibrant living sustainable for people and the planet by cultivating an appreciation for the abundance that Mother Nature provides. May we all be nourished and whole.